Rig for Sale

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Completed Rig as listed, with:

2004 Irontech carrier in our facility, complete with the 72’-140,000 Stiff Mast.

  • Unit will be reworked with complete level IV recertification (24,000 hrs.) and CVIP
  • Engine is a new Cat C-11 at 385HP
  • Transmission is a rebuilt Allison 750
  • Existing splitter box (dual output disconnect)  will be utilized
  • KSM K350 Drawworks (34 x 7 Main, 34 x 7 Sand)
  • 2000 psi hydraulic system
  • Swing out free standing kit (existing)
  • Rear tandem walking beams will be utilized c/w with reworked SSHD Rockwell differentials, new hub seals, bearings, and brake components as required for CVIP.
  • Existing Class II accumulator will be tuned up.

Additional items included in the proposal are: 

  • Climbing device
  • Load beam
  • Upright tool box
  • 2” Stand pipe on mast
  • Weight indicator mount
  • Ram Saver (installed)
  • Secondary fall arrest at crown
  • Safety equipment and fire extinguisher mounts
  • Sand line drip tray under draw works
  • Safety handrail barriers at drawworks drum area
  • Existing dual hydraulic winches
  • New Rig AC electrical panel
  • SPS 16 commercial sand blast and paint with two part epoxy primer and paint according to submitted customer’s colors.

Unit will be complete with new level IV recertification and includes all required engineering certifications for 24,000 hours of operation.


  • Add 3rd rear axle for tri axle set up (air suspension with tag axle) 
  • Add 3rd rear axle for true tri drive rear (air suspension with differential)

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